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Visionary Artist

Gaelyn Larrick

Gaelyn sm

I have loved creating things with my hands since I was in kindergarten. My creative process allows me to step outside of time and into a place of flow where I find myself in a dance of discovery with color and texture.

Through my use of color and light, I'd like those who view my work to feel an opening in their hearts that connects them to their own Divine nature. I work in acrylics and mixed media and often incorporate fractals into my paintings.

After attending the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Philadelphia College of Art, my career included creating museum quality scrimshaw pieces for collectors, co-founding several graphic design companies and a book design company.

Most recently I have been creating artwork around a word or quote that is inspiring to me. Each concept that I choose becomes an exciting exploration of my own relationship to the visual expression of that idea.

I also enjoy creating custom art pieces that incorporate personal symbols, colors and images that invoke the state of being one desires in their life.