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Thanks for making such a beautiful website!
David Eubank - 29 Sep 2010
I found your work through The Children of the Sun video series ~ I love your work ~ how precious it is and how appropriate to assisting our ascension into a higher realm of light consciousness. Thank you for your dedication to spirit and art.
Bo - 23 Jul 2010
I am sad it has taken till now to discover your art work; I have never realised what a wonderful artist you are. Hidden depths we didn't discuss in our time together on Bali. It is so inspiring; what a gift to the world.
Paula Wynburne - 6 Mar 2010
Your site is beautiful and amazzing! Your work is the essence of soul, light is love. Bless you
Kirby - 26 Dec 2009
Very nice work! it is a pleasure to see such quality.. I am also a visionary artist, check my site: and
Charlie.:.elestial - 5 Sep 2009
Beautiful wondrous artwork, Gaeylyn... so nice speaking to you today too. blessings
Deborah Perdue - 25 Jun 2009
The Hawk such a beautiful piece of work. I would enjoy seeing more of the same along with other animals. Wonderful creations!
Andrea Gallo - 4 May 2009
Beautiful stuff, I especially like the Asian series. Can you create more? How much time you take to create a piece, typically? From portrait people at
just - 15 Apr 2009
Gaelyn, you are incredible!
Janet Vestal - 4 Feb 2009
Kind regards. I enjoyed this!
Dominic Fetherston - 17 Dec 2008
Congratulations on being a great inspirational artist!
jane T. Kiesel - 17 Oct 2008
The artworks in this site are stunning, breathtaking. Thank you. See some of my works at
Mabel - 16 Oct 2008
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sheltonsmith - 12 Sep 2008
Visionary art is art that purports to transcend. The physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes. ========================================================= Sandy WoW Gold
sandy2008 - 8 Sep 2008
Hi, Great visionary art taht is sure to inspire the spiritual side. I just started a new forum for spiritual discussions and we are welcoming new members. Please visit at
Ashok - 6 Aug 2008
Wonderful sense of design and designed to bring out the viewers metaphysical/spiritual side! Congrats on your work...keep it up...:)
Debi Brady - 20 Jun 2008
Good luck at your shows, you have real talent. As my art teacher used to say, "art is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".
Cynthia Morihara - 1 Jun 2008
Beautiful art! i would like to invite you to join our warm caring supportive group, we would love to have you with us!
Joanna Hargrove - 19 May 2008
as the former director of the ministry of art and beauty at the agape international spiritual center in los angeles for the past five years, i've seen some beautiful work and yours is right up there with the finest spiritual and devotional art in the world. goddess bless you!
Stephanie Dawn - 4 May 2008
Kind regards from Christophe Didillon, action artist and painter from Germany. I am again on my WALK OF FLAME for Kirsten Dunst, the toughest and cutest lady in the world. Keep your fingers crossed for my love!
Christophe Didillon, Germany - 3 May 2008
I am touched by your work. It is absolutely stunning and inspiring. Combining with Rumi really works!
Lynn Rose Demartini - 20 Mar 2008
absolutely gorgeous and uplifting art. Thank you for the inspiration. (Posters would be awesome.)
Susan Herczeg - 16 Mar 2008
dearest gaelyn, i wanted to express my appreciation for your beautiful gift of is exquisite and powerful and evocative. i am a newer artist- i paint mostly angels some of them can be seen on the website for the foundation for mediative studies or at if you have a moment to glimpse my beginnings. i am just a seedling and am very inspired by your vision and work- I also have a lot to explore and learn about reproduction (i was also born in philadelphia :) ) May your vision now today and always be an avenue to touch the hearts and souls of those who are called to receive their beauty peace to you!!! andrea
Andrea - 15 Feb 2008
I absolutely love your work! (I have your "Be The Change" Poster, the only wall hanging I own!)There is so much Light and Brilliance!
Connie Eberhart - 3 Feb 2008
Kimberly Fitzgerald - 28 Jan 2008
Thank you for all your work,inspiring, uplifting, gives us hope and encourage us to keep up the work for the shift of conciousness we are looking for.
soledad - 28 Jan 2008
Gaelyn!!!! You are an amazing, amazing human/angelic spirit!!! I'm completely blown away by your artwork.
Linda Keen-DeWaard - 28 Jan 2008
Dear Gaelyn, It is with great pleasure, that I have sent this out to a very large group of people who I hope will respond for you. Your art is just magnificant. Thank you for gifting it to us. It's message of love will have a huge impact on the world. Will you be making posters of this? If so, please let me know so that I can support your work and share it with others. Thank you again, Marcy Neumann
Marcy Neumann - 28 Jan 2008
I found you through Carrie's website and such a WOW and blessing to my soul...I will return with some $$...deciding which one will be the issue..would love a personal piece to touch the depth, my love and passion for love and the, I know you would create the most awesome of brings tears just to imagine...much love to you, dear gifted one!
Deb Carlson - 3 Jan 2008
Your work is beautiful. The piece I ordered reflects where find myself right now and I fell in love with it. It is going to be displayed to remind me daily of my journey at hand.
Jill Golden - 25 Nov 2007
wow, your work really speaks to me. So much to fall into as I look at it.
Sean Michaels - 20 Nov 2007
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