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I am excited to announce that several of my images will appear in the book project "Artists Envisioning the Divine." This colorful and inspirational coffee table book will be a stunning collaboration of visual works of art by contemporary mystics and writers from an assortment of spiritual traditions. The artwork alone is unique, exquisite, political and provocative, communicating a message of hope for the postmodern era. In addition, the diversity of writings and poetry by experts in women's spirituality, eco-feminism, transcendental art and transpersonal psychology provide a conceptual foundation for the images, facilitating a sacred alchemy of mind, heart, body and spirit. The mission of the book is to not only document a genre of art referred to as feminine mysticism, but also to reveal powerful images of the divine in his/her myriad forms. The ultimate mission of the book is to assist humanity in evolving a conceptualization of the divine, transcending out of antagonistic, dualistic and hierarchical gender associations and into a new mode of consciousness that is more inclusive of all of God's creation.