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Info on Giclee Prints

Giclée (pronounded Zheeclay) prints combine the beauty and brilliance of the latest printing technology with the use of pigments that can last 100 years without fading, and a variety of paper types, from canvas to watercolor or satin papers.

While photographic prints are somewhat dull and limited in color and paper choices, a giclée print on canvas, watercolor or other substrates will make photos and paintings jump out with deep blacks, saturation and gradations hard to achieve with other media.

Giclée prints are bought and sold in auctions worldwide, and have come to be accepted as the ideal medium for limited edition printed art.

Inks: Our prints are made using an 8 color printer for a richer color gamut than can be achieved with the traditional 4 color process. The inks are designed not to fade for 80-100 years.